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Personal Safety

Countering violence against women & girls

County Lines education

Asset Security

Prevention & Management of Workplace Violence



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About us

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Highly experienced Trainers

Our trainers bring extensive operational and instructional expertise from both law enforcement and private security sectors, spanning areas such as tactical firearms, close protection, covert intelligence, hostile behavior detection, serious crime investigation, and disruption. We leverage this comprehensive experience to provide a holistic approach to educating our clients on personal safety and asset security matters.

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Protective mindset - Awareness & Avoidance

Self-awareness and situational awareness form the bedrock of personal safety. In our training, we prioritize understanding how fear and threats affect us physiologically and psychologically. We impart proactive principles and systems aimed at cultivating the right protective mindset, enabling individuals to recognise, assess, and evade potential threats effectively.

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'Real World' & Relevant to you

Our dedication lies in delivering top-tier training packages rooted in real-world expertise, tailored for practical use in contexts pertinent to both professional and personal realms. This equips you with the tools to deter violence and safeguard assets effectively. Our hands-on, scenario-based training offers an immersive, safe, and enjoyable experience, catering to all skill levels. By focusing on gross motor skills that remain accessible even under stress, we ensure simplicity and effectiveness in application.


Our Team

With extensive specialist operational and training experience in law enforcement and the private security industry, the Saturn team excels in situational awareness and personal safety. Throughout their careers, they have provided consultation and training solutions to a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors, including city councils, independent educational institutions, high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and global organisations.

Meet the partners


Simon Clarke

Simon served with Essex Police, spending most of his time in the Specialist Operations Department and the Tactical Firearms Unit. He is trained in both overt and covert armed policing, surveillance, close protection, and counter-terrorism. With expertise in specialist unarmed combat tactics and various martial arts, Simon is also a BTEC Level 3 accredited self-defense instructor. Currently SIA accredited, he works in the private security sector as a Behavioural Detection operative and provides close protection services for a range of clients, including A-list celebrities and sporting franchises.


Lea Westby

Lea served with Essex Police, where his expertise was quickly recognised and he led a proactive team focused on public order policing, ensuring public safety during the night-time economy and combating violent and acquisitive street crime. He spent several years on a specialist team dedicated to investigating and disrupting County Line drug gangs. As a trainer, Lea is a 4th Dan martial arts instructor and a former police defensive skills instructor. He is also a BTEC Level 3 accredited self-defense instructor.


Andy Bareham

Andy had a diverse career with Essex Police, starting in a proactive street crime team before transitioning to armed policing and counter-terrorism operations at an international airport. As a Detective, Andy gained extensive experience in serious crime investigation, safeguarding vulnerable victims, and working as a covert intelligence operative. A former police defensive skills instructor, he has also delivered disruptive passenger training for international airlines in the commercial sector. Currently, Andy is an accredited close protection operative and consults for a leading UK Hostile Behaviour Detection Training provider, working with police, border forces, military units, and commercial security teams.

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