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Ideal for... 

  • All company/organisational employees

  • Individuals of High Net Worth

  • Public figures

  • Politicians - local/county/national 

Key benefits...

  • Prevention of violent & acquisitive crime

  • Staff welfare & enrichment

Duration... 12hr (2 day), If staff availability for two days is an issue, this course can be delivered over two separate dates. 



Comprehensive & interactive, this course is designed to instil & develop self-protective skills and mindset commensurate with the risks encountered throughout their work and personal lives. The package can be tailored and/or compressed to meet specific client needs and covers: 


  • Self assessment of current mindset

  • Awareness of psychological and physiological responses to threat

  • Application of Proactive & reactive principles and procedures

  • Awareness training (self & situational) – understanding the concept of and barriers to effective observation as well as the application of systems to ensure the appropriate evaluation and response to threat. 

  • Self protection principles and systems for a range of environments, including vehicles & parking, public transport, hotels, street/public spaces.

  • Awareness of current tactics employed by criminals and predators (relevant to client)

  • Measures to prevent Asset loss.

  • Physical defence system techniques and immersive scenario session.  

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