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County Lines Awareness


A real and growing threat to our young people


County lines is a phenomenon in which urban gangs expand their drug operations into rural and suburban areas. Vulnerable individuals, including children and young adults, are recruited to transport and sell drugs in these areas, leading to a range of criminal activities and exploitation. Gang-related criminality often involves various forms of violence, including stabbings, shootings, and assaults. These acts may be driven by disputes between rival gangs, drug-related conflicts, or the need to establish dominance in a particular area.

Young and vulnerable people are often groomed and influenced to see involvement in gangs as a way to gain money, status, and respect, especially when they lack legitimate avenues for success. 

Social media platforms have become tools for gang recruitment, communication, and even the glorification of gang culture. 

In essence, the impact of gang criminality is reaching further than ever with regards to the demographic of both recruitment and victims.  

Our Mission – To educate & empower


The objective of our training is:

 To educate young people regarding the methods used to groom and exploit into gangs

• To show the impactful realities of gang criminality, knife related violence and its consequences 

• To teach relevant principles and visual systems for situational awareness – promoting a protective mindset in order to observe, evaluate and avoid danger in a balanced and timely fashion

• Highlight areas of support

Who is it for

Our program is intended for any young person year 9 upwards. 


Duration & Format 


 This is a 2-hour seminar-based package, consisting of two 45-minute inputs with a 10-minute break between and 20 minutes of Q&A at the end. 

• This format is intended to be cost effective, enabling delivery for entire year groups.  

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