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Educate - Equip - Empower

Our fervor lies in delivering top-tier training packages crafted from real-world insights and tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. Across all our courses, we maintain a singular objective: instilling a heightened level of awareness, self-assurance, and practical skills. This empowers our clients to safeguard themselves comprehensively, both in their personal and professional spheres.

Developing the protective mindset

At the heart of effective Personal Safety lies the cultivation of a robust state of awareness, encompassing both self-awareness and situational awareness. This is accomplished through the adoption of efficient principles and systems tailored to any environment, offering foresight into potential threats and empowering individuals to make informed decisions and take preventive action against violence or theft. Additionally, in scenarios where physical defense becomes necessary, we instruct straightforward yet highly efficient techniques. Our system is designed to remain usable even under intense cognitive stress, such as during fight-or-flight responses, and is applicable to individuals of all skill levels.

Interactive, Immersive, Fun
& Non-alarmist 

Our aim is to consistently provide engaging, hands-on courses that are both enjoyable and non-alarming. We actively encourage participation across all aspects of our training and take pride in delivering an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.


Comprehensive & interactive, this self protection & asset security course is designed to instil & develop self-protective skills and mindset commensurate with the risks encountered throughout your work and personal lives.

​Ideal for... 

  • All company/organisational employees

  • Individuals of High Net Worth

  • Public figures

  • Politicians - local/county/national 


Personal Safety

A range of personal safety courses, designed to educate and equip people of all ages and abilities with an enhanced level of awareness combined with relevant principles and systems to keep you safe in public spaces.


Ideal for...

  • Private groups

  • Students (school & Uni)

  • Clubs & organisations

  • Company employees.

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Workplace Violence Prevention & Management

With an emphasis on building a customer focussed, preventative and protective mindset. We provide training for any public facing operation throughout corporate and public sectors including:


  • Public sector agencies

  • Crown agencies

  • Security Teams

  • Retail operations

  • Commercial Aviation operations

  • Commercial Aviation Cabin Crews

  • Education (Positive Handling)

  • Licensed premises

  • Maritime & public transport operations

  • Events & Hospitality operations


Tallulah T

Thank you so much for this brilliant course. I now feel much more prepared and safer as a result.

Jane Marie O

A great session of classes where I learnt how to be more self aware and also gained some practical self defence experience in lots of different situations. It has helped me feel more confident about being out alone.

Lotte R

The best self defence course I've done. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. You're the best teachers!

Maddie B

It was really fun to take on the challenges and was extremely useful. Thank you!
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