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Workplace Violence Prevention & Management

Drawing on vast operational experience, dealing with all levels of violence in a wide range of environments, our team have a strong background delivering de escalation, awareness, self protection & tactical (physical) intervention training to law enforcement, private security and commercial sectors. 

We can provide bespoke courses for any public facing operation throughout corporate and public sectors including:


  • Public sector agencies

  • Crown agencies

  • Security Teams

  • Retail operations

  • Commercial Aviation operations

  • Commercial Aviation Cabin Crews

  • Education (Positive Handling)

  • Licensed premises

  • Maritime & public transport operations

  • Events & Hospitality operations

Customer focussed, preventative & protective mindset

With an emphasis on building a customer focussed, preventative and protective mindset, we cover:

  • escalation of conflict

  • mental health

  • Awareness (self & situational)

  • psychological and physiological cues

  • effective de escalation strategies

  • self protective measures & strategies

  • tactical/physical intervention relevant to your operation (where applicable)

  • justification & appropriate laws regarding use of force 

All courses are adaptable specific to clients needs. Please contact us for further information.

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